DryFlekt® - A Water Management System
For Sloped Roofs That Meet Vertical Walls

DryFlekt's Water Management System integrates roofs and walls into a seamless, continuous unit utilizing DryFlekt's commercial grade TPO gasket flashings and kick out diverters compatible with all roofing and wall systems. DryFlekt's system complies with the 2012 IRC Building codes.

DryFlekt® Kick-Out Diverter Flashing

DryFlekt® Kick-Out Diverter is the best practice, sustainable solution for diverting roofline water. Our patented design creates a downward and outward water flow off the roof and away from walls, designed to prevent water intrusion at roof-to-wall intersections.

  • Works with lap siding, stone, brick and stucco
  • Helps prevent water damage and costly claims
  • Will not rust, corrode or conduct electricity
  • Manufactured from Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO)
  • Available in 7 standard colors 

flashing diverter unit: White kick out.

U.S. Patent #6,681,530
Canadian Patent #2,291,597


Install our kick-out converter where sloped roofs meet vertical walls.
Install our kick-out converter where sloped roofs meet vertical walls.

Works Effectively with ALL Claddings

It works with lap sidings and stone.
It works with brick siding and stucco.

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DryFlekt's Water Management System components are industry recognized by Builders, Contractors, DOE, Roofing and Siding Manufacturers and Building Trade Organizations as the Best Practice Installation in preventing water intrusion for new and retro-fit construction.